Projects (The project details will be updated shortly).

  1. Deep image features learning from a single image.
    • Currently working.
  2. Block chain and its application to health network
    • 2016, I will put up the report for educational purpose.
  3. Digital Signature Primitives for Mobile Payment Systems
    • Worked on an efficient adaptation of Certi cateless Signcryption and Re-Encryption schemes for NFC-based Mobile Payment Systems. Sponsored project by Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR). 2013.
  4. Feature-Based Approach for Lexical Simplification
    • Developed an application which simplifies text by replacing hard words with simpler ones. Support Vector Machine (SVM) was used for classification. 2013.
  5. Network Intrusion Detection
    • Created an application which analyses the traffic coming into the network and predicts if the network is suffering from attacks. To train and test the classifier, the DARPA-98 Lincon Laboratory Evaluation Data Set was used. 2012
  6. Re-Encryption for Cloud Security
    • Worked on Re-Encryption schemes which provides data security in the cloud. 2012.
  7. Quality Adaptive Scheduling for Live streaming over multiple Access Networks
    • 2012, I will put up the report for educational purpose.
  8. Universal Hashing for Join Size Estimation of Streaming Data
    • Developed an application which calculates join-size estimation of a continuous data stream. Implemented Fast Agms and Fast Count methods using a 4-universal hash function. 2011.
  9. Web Spam Detection
    • Developed an application that classifies a HTML web page as a spam or a legal page using decision tree. The classification process is based on the content of the HTML web page. 2010.